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Why use an agent?

When turning 65, you can be assured that you will be deluged with numerous solicitations from Medicare companies, which may overwhelm you and leave you confused. Maybe you already have a Medicare Supplement plan but the rates are increasing and you'd like to see if you can get a better rate. You may see television advertisements encouraging you to call and enroll over the phone. Enrolling by yourself (self-insuring), leaves you prone to making a poor decision that you may have to endure for your lifetime. You owe it to yourself to gather the most up-to-date information in assessing the numerous options that may be available to you!  That's where we come in.   Assisting you in enrolling into Medicare,  assessing your needs, and providing you with information and guidance in selecting your best options is just the beginning of the role of a truly caring agent. You have one individual working with your best interests in mind, versus a faceless insurance company representative that changes from phone call to phone call. And contrary to popular belief, since the insurance companies set their rates with the State, insuring yourself is of no advantage... the rates are the same whether you enroll through an agent or not!  You pay nothing for our services. So perhaps you should ask yourself why not consult with an experienced and knowlegable agent before making a decision that may impact you financially for a lifetime!  We offer our free no-obligation consultations in the comfort of your home, our Reno office, or by phone. Our Reno office is located at 250 Chism Street, Suite C-4.

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